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We care about you


As part of ECOHILL’s response to our community’s health and safety, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and following all the relevant advice from government agencies and global organisations.

These are unprecedented times for everyone and as a small business, we took the hit as well. However, we are proud of our response and commitment to the health and safety of the community. ECOHILL Hair has always been customer-centric and all our customers know we genuinely care about them. This has just been proven again during these tough times.


Please note: if you are sick please cancel 24 hours ahead, otherwise you will be charged 50% of your service


Here are a few things we did at ECOHILL

  • We were always aware and up to date about the coronavirus situation as soon as it broke out in Australia. Hence, we could quickly react with safety measures and sanitization; even before the government advised. This ensured the safety of everyone.
  • Aligned with the government policies, we continued to run the business as hairdressers were allowed to be open. We ensured safety was the highest priority so we had to cut down the client intake to make sure we had less than 3 people in the boutique at any given time.
  • We were very clear about our plan of action and openly conveyed the same with all our customers through direct SMS, Email and social media.
  • We started “one-on-one hairdressing” where along with all the other measures, only Carmen will be available in the salon. We had a lot of advanced bookings for this.
  • We’re fortunate that Australia flattened the curve successfully and Queensland is slowly opening businesses. This means that everyone has to be extra careful so that there will not be a second outbreak. Aware of this fact, we continue to take all the safety measures and the rules are still in place till every one of us feel safe again.

Principles to minimise risk